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Mastitis, You Suck

When I was about 35ish weeks pregnant with my first, my Mom was helping me get the nursery set up and all the typical last minute things you do before you’re about to have your first baby. And as moms tend to do, she gave me some tidbits of advice without being too annoying or […]

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What a NICU Mama Needs

Whether it’s planned or completely unexpected, when your baby is in the NICU, life just gets overwhelming. My son was rushed to Children’s Mercy by ambulance early in the morning on his third day of life. I was completely exhausted and very drugged up still from an abrupt C-section and uncontrollable nausea even after delivery. […]

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Winter Car Seat Safety Reminders

Hi, mama! Winter is coming, and this is a great time to chat about some car seat safety reminders. We have all seen the sanctimommy who just can’t keep herself from dispensing unsolicited advice. I promise it won’t be like that! I am not a CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician), but I am mom to a one-year-old and […]

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Avoid the glitter, go for the practical when it comes to baby shower registry items

Baby Registry Must-Haves

Like many expectant moms, I was clueless when it came to selecting items for my baby shower registries. So I did what felt right: I waltzed through Target and scanned the the cutest outfits and shiniest infant toys. Lucky for me, I had several mom friends who kept me grounded and helped steer me in […]

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the beauty in surviving

The Beauty in Surviving

Do you know what continues to surprise me—shock me at times, even—about motherhood? How much of my time is spent just making it. Simply navigating life from one end of the day to another. I have a baby and a two year-old, so I guess some degree of survival is expected. But I also remember […]

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How I Fed My Baby | Kansas City Moms Blog

How I Fed My Baby: Donor Milk

The doctor sat down. That was my first sign that something was wrong. Doctors, especially hospital pediatricians, wear sneakers because they’re on their feet all day, standing at bedsides, doing procedures, walking from room to room on rounds. He pulled up a chair across from me — me, rocking my sweet, sleeping,  perfect three-month-old baby […]

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pregnancy feature image

My Last Trimester: A Bittersweet Goodbye

Well, here we are. Nearing the end of the last trimester, EVER. (Quick, find wood to knock on.) A close in a huge chapter of our lives that will have me cleaning out my bathroom cabinets and boxing up the maternity clothes. Gone will be the ovulation strips, pregnancy tests, bottles of folic acid, iron supplements […]

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