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During the Waiting

I have a picture of myself as a four-year-old with a white dish cloth draped on my head and secured in place with plastic pop beads. With plastic flowers in my hand, I’m walking dramatically slow on the plastic floor cover in my grandparents house pretending it’s the aisle of a church. The Beach Boys […]

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day care parking

Daycare Parking Lot Drama

As a working mom, mornings can feel like a sprinted marathon that I must complete within a specific window of time: daycare drop off at between 8:30-8:45, me getting to work by 9. Usually, I’m barely finishing without collapsing. That’s why the daycare drop-off is KEY in getting to work on time. But sometimes, it […]

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Fruits of the Spirit

Teaching the Fruits of the Spirit

I have had grand plans for quite a while now to teach my preschooler about the fruits of the Spirit. I was going to do hours of blog-reading and website-scouring to find the best resources and activities for each attribute listed in Galatians 5:22-23. I was going to correlate songs and Veggie Tales episodes. I […]

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Three Little Questions

At the end of each day, I ask myself three little questions. I take advantage of those rare moments of silence before I fall asleep to reflect on my actions and lessons learned throughout the day. I ask myself these three little questions because they keep life, and my place in it, in perspective. Did I […]

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I Took a Shower…

I almost lost it tonight. Between the constant whining, bad nonexistent listening habits and stepping on the same damn kernel of corn on the kitchen floor for the umpteenth time (I had swept the floor 32 times today. How was I still stepping on food?), I felt on the verge of a mommy meltdown. I don’t […]

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Losing 100 Pounds Made Me a Better Mom

A few years ago, I made a pretty major life change.  I lost more than 100 pounds. I learned, over time, to be healthier, to cook and eat better, and in general to embrace life.  It led not only to a life change but a career change – I’m now a health coach and cooking instructor and […]

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