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Gentle-ish Reminders for Your Friends Who Misuse Car Seats

  Hey friends, I know this is not for you. You all read your manuals and checked the updated AAP, CDC, and NHTSA safety guidelines for proper child restraint use. And with that knowledge, I’m sure that you too have noticed a friend or relative, through a photo on Facebook or before your very eyes, […]

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The Friendship Budget

Life as a parent is full of changes. I talk about poop a lot now. I consider the opportunity to go to bed at 10 p.m. a true luxury. I’m a constant watchman for BPA, soy additives, and any other number of carcinogens, in anything and everything. But one of the biggest ways my life […]

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The Girl From On This Day

Like many of my fellow millennials, you have probably been “lucky” enough to have your entire adulthood immortalized on the internet. AOL Chatrooms and MySpace anyone? If you had to have a college email address to create a Facebook account you can relive the best, and unfortunately the worst, of your memories. As ill advised […]

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lonely mom life

When Mom Life Feels Lonely

When you’re a mom, especially to littles, you’re never really alone. Even bathroom breaks aren’t solo experiences, and if you think for a moment that it is, the silence is interrupted by a tiny hand pounding on the door. Despite this “never alone” kind of situation we find ourselves in, it’s still quite possible to […]

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When You're Not Part of a Village

When You’re Not Part of a Village

Village (and tribe) posts seem to be all the rage right now on social media. Have you noticed that? Clever memes, heartfelt blog posts, post from media outlets, and friends sharing stories and photos of their own “village” or “tribe” out for an evening, hanging out at a park together, sitting on someone’s back deck, […]

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Is Facebook on Its Way Out?

Is Facebook on Its Way Out?

Ahhh, Facebook. I have a love/hate relationship with the king of social media platforms. Yes, it provides me with entertainment in those times when I just need a break from the insanity of life as a mother of small children. But sometimes it feels like a black hole from which I can never escape! One […]

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Stop One Upping

Stop One-Upping Each Other

Ladies, we need to talk. I’m a pretty go-with-the-flow kind of person, especially when it comes to motherhood. I know there are many different ways to tackle the same thing, and am quite pro “do what works for you.” There’s something far too many moms (and women, really) are doing though that makes me cringe. […]

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Social Media: Friend or Foe?

I’m going to open up to you about something now that is personal and somewhat embarrassing – and near and dear to my heart. I let social media make me feel bad. There. I said it. It is something that has plagued me in the past, and I’m guessing I’m not alone! More and more, […]

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Giving Up Social Media

The honest truth is, most parents I know – scratch that – most PEOPLE I know could do a much better job at being more present in their lives. I’m sure most of us have witnessed this scene before: you’re out to dinner, and at the table next to you, the entire family is on […]

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