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Mama’s Off Her Meds

I recently ended a serious relationship in my life after over nine years together: my relationship with my anti-anxiety medication, Zoloft.   I didn’t break it off suddenly, but after a lot of consideration and talks with my doctor I decided it was time to try to go off all medications I’m on for health reasons. […]

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holiday recovery

Happy Holiday Recovery

On this, my fourth time around the kids-and-holidays block, here’s what I’m finally learning: the first week of January should be dedicated to one task, and one task only – holiday recovery. Even if your holidays were utterly magical, this rule still applies to you. For as my son’s preschool teachers reminded us before the […]

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Real Moms of Christmas

Well here we are, we’ve made it to the final stretch. Christmas is only a few days away and then once again we can return to scrolling through our social media streams without feeling the pang of guilt of not doing ALL THE HOLIDAY THINGS with our kids. I thought I was #winningatchristmas when I let […]

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I Don't Want to Have it All

I Don’t Want To Have It All

For too long, I ranked my success as a mother on whether or not I could keep everything balanced. It was almost as though my life resembled spinning plates in a circus act, perfectly in sync and never wavering. My career, my marriage, the cleanliness of my home and the happiness of my child all […]

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Mama Doesn't Drink Anymore

Mama Doesn’t Drink Anymore

A few years ago, I was gathering my kids up after summer day camp, wrangling backpacks full to the brim with wet swimsuits and towels. My daughter was attending a local program that took place at a theater in the park. They learned all about acting, singing and dancing in the mornings, and in the […]

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Shifting your holiday focus

Wife, mom, chef, maid, personal assistant, class mom, event coordinator, dog walker, taxi driver… you name it, we do it. To add insult to injury, we are constantly asked for favors by our “working mom” friends, because we are… ready for this… stay-at-home moms. The truth is, our work is never done but that rings true for […]

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We all have stress; that’s no surprise to anyone. But I think it’s fair to say we’ve been surprised by how some people respond to stress. Have you ever been faced with a stressful situation and had one of these things happen to you: 1. you responded with a blank stare, deciding it was best […]

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