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The Summer Checklist

The Summer Checklist

How’s the checklist going, mama? You know the one. It keeps you up at night with “should have’s” “why didn’t I?” and “we forgot.”  It swirls around in your head haunting you that you haven’t done enough. It’s the checklist that, if we’re honest, determines our worth as mamas.  And whether we care to admit […]

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Summer Schedule

Summer Schedule… Or Not?

Ahhh summer. No more alarms set for early school hours, packing lunches, and rushing to get to school on time. For students and teachers alike, this season is looked forward to as a time to relax and let go. But what about the schedule? The routine? There is research that says that keeping kids on […]

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Summer Goals

The countdown is on! 7 ½ days! That’s it! And no…I’m not referring to the upcoming Royal Wedding (although I’m counting down to that too, and my DVR is already set). The paper chain in my classroom says it all – I only have 7 ½ more days of school! And while I have had […]

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Summer Swim TEAM

Summer Swim Saved My Life

OK. So, summer swim didn’t REALLY save my life… but it definitely saved my summer! Since becoming a mom, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with summer. I love it because… it’s summer! We sleep in, we stay up late, and we eat entirely too much ice cream. I also hate it because we sleep in, […]

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Summer Publishing Break

An important announcement: Kansas City Moms Blog is taking a little break! For two weeks each July, we use our summer publishing break to recharge our batteries, spend some much-needed time with our families, and finalize our new contributor team (to be announced soon!). Don’t worry, though – we won’t be gone long … 😉 In the […]

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Book-Themed Summer Stay-cation Ideas

Book-Themed Summer Staycation Ideas

Does anyone else feel the pressure to plan a bunch of fun activities for her kids once summer rolls around? Is anyone else terrible at that? Especially when you work full time year-round and summer feels pretty much like any other time of the year. I may not be great at activity planning (thank goodness […]

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