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How to Talk to Children About Death

As I was wrapping up this blog submission, the news flashed across my screen: another school shooting. Admittedly I was taken aback, again. I was shocked, heartbroken, furious, and instantly devastated for the families involved. No matter how many times the news shares about this ugly reality in our country, I am gut-wrenched thinking about […]

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What About Dad?

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). BBM (Building Better Moms).   Mommy and Me.   Johnson County Moms.   Northland Moms.   Kansas City Moms Blog.   And the list goes on and on for groups and resources available for Kansas City moms. What is missing from the list above? D-A-D.  Seriously, what about dad? I know […]

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Revolving House Playgroup

Five boys happily, yet crazily run around my house. Around and around. Tromping upstairs. Turn around! Back downstairs. Hurry! They disappear into the back yard. They’re all clad in turtle shells and capes holding Nerf guns, weapons and anything else they can use for strict super hero communication purposes.  I love their noises. Their screams. […]

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6 Stellar Facebook Groups for Kansas City Moms

6 Stellar Facebook Groups for Kansas City Moms

It’s no secret: motherhood is hard. It wasn’t until I had my first baby that I actually realized how lonely and exhausting motherhood can be. After the first two to three weeks of sleepless nights, I remember barely being able to function and heading to family Thanksgiving dinner with our newborn. I hadn’t left our home more than twice […]

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Building Your Village

Building Your Village: Finding a Moms Group in Kansas City

Motherhood can be isolating at times. The first few months of my daughter’s life were a blur for me. Sleepless nights, breastfeeding woes, challenges in my marriage as we grew into our new roles as mom and dad. Loneliness and feelings of isolation began to creep in and I quickly realized how different life was going […]

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Really? You want to do WHAT?

From the time my high-spirited daughter was one year old, she was very clear in letting me know what she was passionate about – even from the back seat of our family van. She always had an eye peeled as we traveled and she knew what she was looking for; if she found one, our […]

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