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‘Children Don’t Belong in Nice Restaurants’ and other Falsehoods

Every parent has experienced that ominous feeling. A relatively peaceful meal out with the family – a rare indulgence since having the kids – about to be disrupted by an adorable but incorrigible tiny person. The tears are about to flow, but not before letting out a blood-curdling shriek and maybe hurling a fork across […]

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A framework for managing (1)

A Framework for Supporting BIG FEELINGS

Young children are not especially known for their subtlety. Not when it comes to expressing their style, their opinions, or their feelings. We’ve all been witness to the meltdown in aisle 8, car seat tantrum, and the “I’M NOT TIRED” protest at bedtime. We know what BIG FEELINGS look like. Most of us probably know […]

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Fitz Cover

Reasons Why We’re Crying: KCMB Toddlers Talk

All I’m trying to do is enjoy my life. Get through the day with the least amount of discomfort as possible.  Sure, I know they’ll make me get dressed, bathed, and eat. And these things are necessary… I guess. But I should have some say in how it’s all done, right? They don’t know how difficult […]

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Here Comes

Here Comes The Threenager

I’ve heard a lot about this stage. The dreaded three-year-old. This past month, we’ve officially hit it. To be clear, William isn’t three-years-old yet. That happens later this month. But the attitude has arrived. Big time. And I am not good at dealing with it. Two-years-old was not my finest hour. The baby stage I […]

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The Three F-Words

At the dinner table, Sophie sits, whining about the chicken and broccoli casserole the rest of us are already eating. “It’s yucky,” she drawls. “I don’t want to eat iiiiiiiiiit.” “One bite to try it again, then you can make yourself a peanut butter sandwich,” I say, trying my best to keep my building irritation […]

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