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Going to Yoga as a Mom

Going to yoga used to be simple.  Casually saunter into class. Unroll my mat. Clear my mind. Enjoy the flow. Namaste. Going to yoga as a mom is a completely different story. Let me count the ways:  Getting out the door is impossible.  If I’m working, it means I have a 45 minute window to […]

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Five Habits of Fit Moms

5 Habits of Fit Moms

Exercise. Often it’s those that need it most that have the least time for it.  And for those that do find the time, maintaining momentum and motivation proves just as difficult. It’s challenging for everyone, but even harder for moms. But there’s a quiet revolution of online workout and nutrition programs that directly tackle the […]

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Holy Yoga

I remember the first time I heard the phrase “Holy Yoga.” I had no idea what to expect. My only thought was that it seemed like a weird, oxymoronic phrase – I mean, isn’t yoga kind of spiritual, anyway? What makes Holy Yoga different? Whenever I think about trying something new, I do my research […]

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