10 Great Places To Hide Your Elf

Christmas is almost here, which means it’s time for your elf to come out to spy for Santa. Here are some fantastic tricks and places to hide your elves when you’re all out of ideas! (Number 10 is for special elf names.)

1. Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is an awesome place to hide your elf. He can blend in with all the red and green on the tree, and if you cover or surround him with ornaments, it will be difficult for your kids to spot him.

2. Cabinet. A funny way to hide your elf is to put him in a cabinet, maybe with cookie mix or a note that says, “Let’s bake Christmas cookies!”

3. A child’s room. Children love it when they wake up and find their elf sitting on their shelf or in their closet. Notes or a special breakfast can be put with the elf to make it seem like he did it himself, just like with suggestion 2.

4. Banister. If you wrap your banister with tinsel or greenery, you just discovered a new way to hide your elf. Similar to hiding him on the Christmas tree, your elf will blend in with the red and green.

5. Cookie plate trick. On Christmas Eve, the day before your elf leaves, put him by the cookie plate. Put a cookie in his lap, and (this is optional) put a few crumbs by his mouth. A few other props, like a napkin or a note that says “Yum!” or “Mmm!” and your elf will look like he’s been digging into Santa’s cookies!

6. The hanging trick. Take some string and tie it around the end of the elf’s foot. Then, with the other end, tie him to a sturdy object – a fan, a chair, any object that with hold him (or her).

7. The hat trick. Take the elf’s hat and hide it anywhere – the bathroom, the kitchen, wherever – and write a fake note to the kids from the elf saying that he’s lost his hat, and he needs help finding it.

8. The get stuff done trick. This is not exactly a hide-and-seek type of thing. Write a note along the lines of “you need to do your chore” or some other thing you need to get done. It’s not very popular, but your kids will listen to your elf (I think).

9. Family (sort of) reunion. Go out and buy another elf; if your elf is a girl, get a boy, and if your elf is a boy, get a girl. Maybe make some decorations by hand, hang them up, and put your elves near each other with the decor. Write a note to your kids saying its to them from the elves, and that (if your original elf was a girl) this is my boyfriend or (if your original elf was a boy) this is my fiancé.

10. Elf names. Boy Names: Tootles, Snootles, Doodles, Noodles, Lottles. Girl Names: Holly, Holly-berry, Snowy, Snow White, Scarlet.

I hope these names, hiding places, and tricks come in use to you!

sophie-williamsSophie, 9 years old, lives in Shawnee. She enjoys listening to music and reading books, and she loves to bake on any occasion. She began writing this year, loves writing juvenile fiction, and adores reading it too. Her favorite author is Rick Riordan.

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