Third Trimester Nesting

In anticipation of this spring's opening of The Birth Place, featuring a Level II NICU, we have partnered with Olathe Medical Center and local mom, Sarah, to document her pregnancy and birth journey in this new space.

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In the blink of an eye, I am now well into my last trimester! I remember thinking June seemed like an eternity away, and now it’s almost here. Now that times ticking, I’ve been in full on nesting mode. I’m forgoing a baby shower since this is number three, so I’ve been trying to gather the necessary baby essentials. Even though I’ve done this a few times, I found Olathe Medical Center’s third trimester check list super helpful to organize myself.

I met with my OB, Dr. Blevins, this week, and we discussed making my pre-admission appointment and picking a pediatrician. I called and scheduled my pre-admission appointment through the hospital so all my past history, insurance information, emergency contacts, and other essentials are written out before I show up for delivery. I’ll also get to tour the new Birth Place when I go in for that appointment!

Since my kids’ regular pediatrician doesn’t make visits at the Birth Place, I asked Dr. Blevins’ input on a pediatrician. My mind was reassured when she said Olathe had several pediatricians available to perform the newborn screening tests and circumcision since we won’t see our pediatrician until we are discharged.

Our nursery at home is far from complete, but it’s got a crib and lots of hand me down clothes filling the dresser, so I consider that a success. I purchased my first pack of newborn diapers that will last approximately two days. Definitely need to stock up more in the diaper department! Since this is our third baby, we already have all the large baby items like the car seat, Rock ‘n Play, swing and stroller. I just need to get everything out of storage and in the washer. Now if only the cleaning part of nesting would hit me.

I’m mostly trying to cherish these last few weeks because I’m pretty certain this is our last baby. I know I’ll miss being pregnant, and I want to give the kids as much attention as I can before a baby is added into the mix.   

I’d love to chat with you about how you prepare for delivery! Join me at 8 p.m. on May 10 for a Twitter chat with yours truly and Dr. Blevins! 

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About the author: My name is Sarah and I’ve been a Kansas gal my whole life; born and raised in Manhattan but have been living in KC for 6 years. I have a degree in Family Studies and Human Services and I’m wife to Derek and mom to Collins (4), Brooks (2) and baby 3 who will arrive this Summer. We are big K-State fans and also cheer for our Royals and Chiefs. We are lucky enough to have a lot of family close by so we enjoy spending as much time as we can with them or doing all the fun things KC has to offer.

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