This is (All of) Us

It’s the Sunday fans have been waiting for. You know what that means? Football. This is Us. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you have probably heard of the Emmy-nominated Pearson family. This amazing TV drama follows three siblings known as the “Big Three”, through flashbacks and present-day, storytelling their interwoven lives.

What makes it SO good? This is Us is all about the power of relationships. Relationships between siblings, spouses, parents, friends, and lovers. Every week it seems to come full circle and focus on family. The series lovingly punches you in the feels with funny, deep, and emotional story lines. There are good times and bad, with the right amount of sad. Every Tuesday, I am tissue-box-ready, willingly putting myself through heart-wrenching, tearjerker episodes. Like a glutton for punishment, I keep coming back for more. Some episodes hurt more than others and I ask myself, “Whyyy?!” But then, “See you next week. More tears, please.” Insert crying face emoji.

And the cast? Amazing. Instead of shying away from heavy issues, they tackle them head-on. Some of the hot topics include: racism, alcoholism, death, foster care, adoption, miscarriage and eating disorders. 

The show builds on the premise that things happen for a reason; such is life. From how Jack and Rebecca met, the number of children they have, where each adult child is in life, and how each person handles hardships… one could argue it all relates to fate. Each character’s story is enthralling and of equal value. If you’re not being sympathetic to one character’s struggles, you’re relating to another’s insecurities. Your upbringing shapes you, life’s experiences make or break you, and whether good or bad, all events in life serve a purpose. That makes me want to set my kids up for success in how I parent, and be the best mom I can be. But as the show teaches us, even when we fall short of that, there is a lesson to be learned. Rebecca Pearson struggled in her marriage and with motherhood, but she loves her family fiercely. Through the mistakes and hardships, her adult children come to realize she was only trying her best. And that is more than enough.

One episode really shows the struggle of the stay-at-home mom (SAHM). Rebecca struggled to juggle her singing career and being a mom. She says, “I have zero life, Jack. I am a housewife to three teenagers who do not need me anymore, and I have a husband who waltzes in every night at at 8 o’clock, if I’m lucky, goes to the kitchen, recaps his day for me and then passes out upstairs at 10 o’ clock. I have no life. I am a freaking ghost.” Harsh words, but we can see where she’s coming from, right? SAHMs everywhere have tried to find identity apart from being just a wife and mother. On many days, we are last place–lost in the mix. I’m SO grateful to be a SAHM, but I think it’s important to take time for ourselves. Do something that is your own special thing. Why can’t you be a mother AND _______? Timing may delay you, but don’t let it deter you.

Another episode nails it on what it means to be a mother. Rebecca and Kate, have always had a bumpy, mother-daughter relationship. In a raw and beautiful conversation, Rebecca reveals how she wished for a closer relationship with her daughter. When Kate tries to comfort her, Rebecca says, “No, it’s not your job to make me feel better. It’s not; it’s my job. It’s my job to keep standing there with my arms wide open, waiting for you to maybe someday fall inside if you needed it. And if you do, I’ll love you. And if you don’t, I’ll love you, too. Because that’s what it means to be a parent. You’ll see one day.” Truth. Being a mom is hard, often unrewarding, but we do it anyways. If and when they push us away, it hurts bad, but we let them know it doesn’t matter. We could never love them less.

My favorite mother on the show is Beth Pearson, played by Susan Kelechi Watson. She is smart, confident, protective, and sassy. Her commitment to marriage, witty banter, and flirty nature with Randall is 100% #relationshipgoals. Beth makes sure her husband gives marriage and fatherhood due attention. In one episode, she says to him, “I call marriage, tonight.” I love that. She reminds him they are a team, and their marriage and kids should be first and foremost. My favorite line is when Beth says to Randall, “The girls came out good, but we made them great.” Yaaasss, girl!

If you’ve been watching from the start, you know this Sunday’s episode will be EVERYTHING. We are promised some answers for the biggest unknown in the show. It is particularly meaningful since the Big Game holds relevance in the show’s narrative, too. Well played, NBC. Turn off your crock-pots and get your tissues ready!

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  1. emilyc
    emilyc February 4, 2018 at 10:30 am #

    Love this Jollene! You basically said all of my thoughts about this show.