Throw the BEST Summer Barbecue

Well, as I sit here the heat index is 112 degrees so I would like to start barbecue-820010_960_720this post off by telling you that BBQ timing is flexible. A BBQ can be for breakfast. Lately, it’s so hot that the optimal BBQ time might be 5 a.m. I kid! I kid! Seriously, summers are for BBQs, and it is hot every year so let’s do this thing.

1. Plan a great but easy menu: One of the great things about BBQ is it celebrates simple food. Cook your meat low & slow like good KC BBQ is done, and give yourself a break by serving sides that are better when made ahead like a vinaigrette based slaw or a twist on potato salad. Include the vegetarians in your life with a beer can cabbage sandwich. Another great twist is to buck our Midwestern ways and turn your backyard affair into an easy grill topped shrimp boil. Yum, invite me for that.

2. Easy decor: Make shabby chic your plan and cover everything with mismatched table cloths and butcher paper. (Put out crayons and let the little ones decorate for you) Serve drinks in buckets of ice or roll over the red wagon and fill that with ice for beverages or cold salads. Don’t forget to throw some water in there with the adult beverages, you’ve got to hydrate! Hanging lanterns are fun for evening events, and they’re pretty cheap and low maintenance. I must admit, I love some string lights as well.

3. Keep cool, and have fun: If you end up inside that’s OK, the BBQ will still be delicious. You might buy yourself a little more time outside with a deck misting system, a sprinkler to run through, a baby pool set up for the kids, some clean wet sponges for them to throw around, and/or water balloons! I also love to break out the yard games like bocce ball, sidewalk chalk, and our new croquet set – retro fun!

All in all, BBQs are the most relaxed way to entertain. Set your Pandora station to Hipster BBQ (yes, that exists!) and enjoy.

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