Mascara Tips for the Busy Mom

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Whether you spend an hour on your beauty routine, or you are lucky to wash your face everyday, some situations just demand a little make-up.

I’m pretty sure the mascara in my makeup bag is years old, so the annual Beauty Brands Lash Bash was the perfect time to test out some new products. Best-selling mascaras are $10.99, in store and online. 

Mascara can be intimidating to apply, so I went to the experts at Beauty Brands…and some semi-professional make-up wearing mamas for advice.

Beauty Brands expert tips:

  • Never pump the mascara wand – it traps air, causing it to dry out faster.
  • Blot out any clumps left at the end of the brush before attempting to apply it to your lashes.
  • When applying, tap at base of lashes before starting to swipe up to avoid clumps and ensure lashes look natural.
  • Apply 2-3 coats initially. Most mascaras are layer-able so applying another type of mascara for different time of day is OK.
  • Visit the in-store experts to find your mascara type, and get help creating your eye look.

KCMB mom tips:

  • Waterproof mascara isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. My expert moms tell me it’s more likely to be clumpy and more likely to end up all over my face.
  • Go with black unless you’re on an MTV reality show, then blue is OK. Brown is a nice subtle choice if you don’t care about making an impact.
  • Put your face on in this order: eyebrows, foundation, powder, eye shadow, liner, mascara. 
  • To avoid smudging, use a mascara shield (or business card in a pinch).
  • Warmer mascara helps prevent clumping, so warm that tube up in your cleavage or between your thighs. #realmomadvice

Mornings are hectic, but most mamas agreed: spending just 30 seconds doing your mascara, foundation or whatever makes you feel confident and put together for the day is worth it.

Don’t miss the Lash Bash sale at all Beauty Brands locations before time runs out! 

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