Top 10 Posts of 2016: The Best of Kansas City Moms Blog

Top 10 Posts of 2016: the best of Kansas City Moms Blog

From real-life essays on motherhood to tips for navigating family life in Kansas City, here is our roundup of Kansas City Moms Blog’s most-read posts of 2016!

5 tips for surviving the man flu

5 Tips for Surviving the Man Flu

“Just as we had started to recover, I got the dreaded text from my husband: ‘Sick. Coming home.’ When he got back he dropped his stuff and marched sadly up to bed, declaring that he was dealing with ‘throat ulcers’ in addition to what we had.”

The Ultimate Mom Life Hack

The Ultimate Mom Life Hack

“I am pretty sure I have found the ultimate mom life-hack. It magically provides a peaceful shower (taken alone), a moment to sip (hot) coffee in the morning and allows time to collect thoughts and prepare for the day.”

I'd Like a "Meternity" Leave, Too

I'd Like a 'Meternity' Leave, Too

“When we should be protecting families, we are instead punishing them. But, why? So that someone can get her 15 minutes of fame by waging war against mommies to justify her own 18 month sabbatical?”

Guide to the Best Parks in Kansas City

Guide to the Best Parks in Kansas City

Looking for a new park? We’ve got your guide to the best parks in Kansas City with all the important details moms need to know!

How Infertility Changed Me

“I’m in no way saying I love my children more than a mom who conceived naturally. I’m just saying that because of my experience, I often have surreal moments of gratitude. Moments where I can’t even believe they’re mine.”

When You're Not Part of a Village

“Despite what’s currently trending on Facebook, we do not need to be part of a village.”

You Don't Have to Wear Yoga Pants

You Don't HAVE to Wear Yoga Pants

“Look, if yoga pants and t-shirts are your thing, great. Rock it. But if you’re one of those moms who wishes she could look nicer but resigns herself to ‘this is what moms wear,’ I want you to stop it.”

Hidden Gems at Deanna's Rose Farmstead

Hidden Gems at Deanna Rose Farmstead

If you’re a regular at Deanna Rose Farmstead, you probably know all about the long list of fun things you can do there with your kids. Here are some tips to make your visits even more fun!

5 Ways to Make Being a Working Mom Work for You

5 Ways to Make Being a Working Mom Work for You

“Before I became a mom, the decision to go back to work after I had a child seemed pretty straightforward. I didn’t naively think it would be easy, or that I wouldn’t miss my kid, but I had no idea just how hard it would be to juggle work life and mom life without losing my sanity.”

Second Child Syndrome

Second Child Syndrome

“Second Kid gets bath time because I can throw her in there with her sister. After that, we basically get her in her pajamas and dump her in her crib with a favorite blanket and her sound machine because we have to deal with First Kid’s elaborate bedtime routine.”

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