What Happened to My Weekend?

Everyone looks forward to Friday, especially Friday nights. But, after you become a parent, Friday night and the weekend mean something totally different! As I watch my younger co-workers happily pack their bags, grab their keys and head out for a much anticipated “wild weekend,” only one thing crosses my mind… I’M TIRED! 
Raising humans is exhausting. Unless I have gone on an adult-only vacation…I’m. Worn. Out. So please don’t invite me to a party that starts after 8:30 p.m. Or at least don’t count on me showing up. By the end of the week, I have no patience, no pep and no party pants (cause they are probably still in the laundry waiting to be done!) Friday night is dedicated to the home. That way I can rest in my sweats, veg out and not poop on anyone’s party.
I continue to hear about all of the great restaurants, shows and “hole in the wall” bars people stumble into downtown or way down south. But, here’s the deal, if we are paying a babysitter the meter starts the moment, we walk out the door. I vividly remember going to a Royals game where my hubs would lean over and say, “That inning cost us $30″….not my idea of a relaxing night out…not to mention a total mood killer. Now our Saturdays are usually spent doing something fun that is close to home if we are paying a sitter. Heaven forbid we pay a sitter just so we can drive 30 minutes. On date night, you have to be efficient to get the most bang for your buck. (Pun totally intended.)
While I used to love the bar atmosphere, the fried food, the cheap beer, and the loud music… I now am trying to not look pregnant (haven’t been pregnant in seven years!), I can afford good liquor, and I have repeated myself all day to a classroom full of children, not to mention yelled at my own children! Screaming at friends across a sticky table while sipping over-priced, watered-down cocktails does not sound appealing. The bar is out for this mama! 
Don’t get me started on Sunday! We go nowhere Sunday after church, because now the preparation has begun for the brand new week. Which, will consist of Uber driving the children around, going to work, and still trying to get the laundry done.
Seriously…what happened to my weekend? 

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