Whatever Happened to Just Shopping?

As a parent in the age of deliverable groceries and Amazon Prime if I actually end up dragging myself into the store it’s for a purpose. At this point as a seasoned mom, I know the store layouts of many area Targets, my HyVee, and the various clothing stores we frequent. When I walk into a store, beyond greeting me with a friendly, “Welcome! Let me know if you need any help!” Please read my body language and know that I’m probably in a hurry! I promise I’ll find you if

 I need you, but while I’m dragging my children (usually against their will)  through your store, I really don’t have time for you to try and upsell me on anything. I’m a woman on a mission! Trust me, I’ve already online shopped around. I know what I’m getting, I know what it costs and I know I can’t find it on Prime, thus the reason I’ve put on something other than yoga pants and come to your store.

I went into a particular store recently with my very grumpy 7 year old for one specific item. We were cheerfully greeted when we first walked in, not a problem. We then walked 5 feet and were stopped to listen to what was on sale, again, not that big of a deal but due to the large signs everywhere I could’ve figured that out on my own. We then moved another 5 feet to be accosted by someone else asking if they could help us find something. Uh no, we know where it is, we just can’t get to it!  

We were finally free to get said item and were then stopped so that we could learn that if we purchased three of this item (which I didn’t need) we could get a free sparkly wallet. Awesome, thank you for now alerting my 7 year old to the fact that she could get a new emoji wallet, which she didn’t need, if only I purchased a million dollars worth of product that I still didn’t need. Whatever happened to just shopping?

One Saturday, I was able to escape mom uber duties, and I got to leisurely shop on my own. A rare treat! No one was there to bother me or ask a million questions. No one needed anything from me. It was glorious!

Then I walked into a clothing store and was attacked! When I finally waded through the mass of workers trying to sell me on this and that, I made it to the checkout counter with my purchase. The cashier was very friendly, I was almost free. Each time I tired to hand her my card, she had another stinking question. She asked for my last name, phone number (with area code), email, secondary email, if I had a store card, if I wanted a store card, did I have any store cash to spend, did I have time for a quick survey.

While her list ran on and on, my anxiety ran up and up. It was as if I was with my small children again. My mommy zen was gone!

Seriously….whatever happened to just shopping?

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