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I admit, I’ve allowed my car’s oil light to be ignored for far too long. I don’t know much about cars, but I know that this isn’t smart. And yet, it’s something that I’ve been doing with much more frequency in recent years. Taking a car in for any sort of maintenance has always seemed like a hassle for me. Surely, everyone has something they’d rather be doing than sitting at an auto shop while their car is serviced. But I never realized how much of a hassle it could be until I had kids.

Having three small kids with three large car seats, our minivan is our family’s only vehicle that can transport all the kids at once. When I have to take the minivan into the shop, even for relatively quick routine maintenance, it is always a major inconvenience. I’ve tried scheduling around my husband’s availability, which is tough because the weekends are when everyone else is having their cars repaired. I’ve also tried bringing the kids with me, which was a trauma from which I still haven’t recovered.

Photo taken by my mechanic mid-oil-change. Each step is photographed and saved to my account.

I recently had the opportunity to try out a service called Your Mechanic, which brought a trained, reliable mechanic right to my door. And guys, let me tell you, this is a game-changer (a term I reserve only for things among the ranks of the Instant Pot, grocery delivery and Amazon Prime)! I put in a request for the services I needed, chose a date and time, and I was quickly set up and confirmed with a mechanic.

My mechanic’s photo and info was emailed to me after setting up my appointment. Andrew did a fantastic job, by the way!

The service seems to have all its bases covered. I received an email with not only the date and time confirmed, but also with my mechanic’s name, photo and credentials. As a stay-at-home mom who was, well, staying home alone with my kids on a frigid day, it was reassuring to know who to expect at my door. On the day of service, my mechanic called me to let me know he was on his way, and I was even emailed a link to track his exact location. When he was finished, I received a link to my receipt, complete with a cost breakdown, services and parts provided, digital voice notes, and photos of every step. It was far more comprehensive than anything I’ve received in a shop, and it’s available to be viewed in my account any time.

Your Mechanic certainly feels like the future of auto service. I handled everything on my phone and only had to hand over my keys and allow my mechanic to get to work in front of my house. Best of all, my kids were still in their pajamas, and we were in the comfort of our warm home. I’m not sure I’ve ever considered it such a privilege to watch Daniel Tiger on my own couch. I never want to have to bring myself to the mechanic again.

While I only required routine maintenance, Your Mechanic boasts over 500 services provided. Check out their website to receive an instant quote!

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